Friday, September 30, 2011

If anyone reads this...

If you read this blog, please pray for me. I'm pretty stressed out. Also, if you or someone you know needs prayers, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to pray for those intentions. PLEASE invite your friends to my blog. The more the merrier :)


  1. Hi Lizzie!
    I'm thinking of you...
    And praying <3
    Hang in there...Gods mercies are new each day....

    I think you're such a wonderful young lady...I'd be honored to have you for my daughter <3

    Jodi L

  2. Thank you ladies. Any prayer requests?

  3. Lizzie, I am praying for you. Sometimes I realize I just need to BREATH! Really, take deep cleansing breaths. (ask your mom about cleansing breaths.) they are very helpful. I'm in classes right now myself and find myself becoming overwhelmed. Maybe we can talk each other through it.

    Will you pray for Ianna? She (and we) are very quickly running out of time.

  4. Leah, I would love to talk sometime! I now have a Facebook account, so we could communicate that way; Otherwise, I could give you my number. Know that I will keep you, your family, and Ianna in my prayers. Sending angels 0:)